instacool toxicfest

Toxicfest is the final film festival of the anthoprocene, the last broadcast from the futureless present.  An archive discovered at the twilight of civilization, never seen by human eyes.

15.09. / 19 – 23h
18.09. / 13 – 21h
19.09. /  13 – 18h

Festival Programme

1. Terminal Space

Series/Film title: Terminal Space
Directed by: Kotz
Narrated by: Torre Alain, Valerie You, Jennnital
Screenplay written by: Ian Bruner
Serialized Feature Film: chapters 1-3 (of ten)
Duration: 25 minutes
Year: 2021

Baogang Weikuang Dam forms a 10 km2 lake in Inner Mongolia, made of rare mineral industrial effluent – in particular, minerals like neodymium which are used to manufacture our phones, laptops and other devices. We offer these works as a ritual sacrifice to this shadow mother of our damaged world: an idol of petrochemical animism – a mystery story as climate noir.

The film Terminal space  is composed of works submitted by the curated selection of artists for the group show Maman妈妈. Each artist’s work is woven into the plot of the film. Through the process of the cut-up, a polyvocal narrative unfolds around the works: an unnamed narrator is sent to the site of a toxic lake, unravelling into displaced and mythologized memories.

Spoken by three individuals that are one, the nameless narrator occupies a mutation of identity that the audience must make sense of without direction. This mutation is also reflected in the narrative plot; story lines intersect and blur as the artworks are displaced and rearranged. Shifting between scenes and contexts, lapses in time and space invite new meanings to gather around the works present in the film.

When you cut up the present, the future leaks out. Terminal space’s meaning becomes evident throughout its process and arrives in its exact moment.

Terminal space includes work by the following artists, taken from the documentation of the decentralized group show Maman: BabenShin, Borsos Lorinc, Guillermo Ros, Helin Sahin, Ian Bruner, Jennnital, Biyavili, Juan Covelli, Kajta Novitskova, L3X Shemanski, Most Dismal Swamp, Poncili Creacion, Andri Schatz , Plague, Rolf Nowotny, Tadpole Origin+ Valerie You, Torre Alain, Virtue Village, Matt Hanson

Curated by Underground Flower & Rhizome Parking Garage

Phase one -

2. Genesis: Tadpole Origin & Valerie You

Directed by: Valerie You
Graphics: Kaspar Sczech
Additional script, sound, and footage:
Torre Alain, Rasheed Mirza
Duration: 13:20 minutes

The GENESIS project began as an offsite exhibition installed at the polluted banks of Kayu Ara river: a found image pool was worked into collaborative collages, finally evolving into an offsite which staged them as efflorescence taking form over the unseen totality of global logistics, like divine rubbish. This visual flotsam and jetsam emerges as excess signification to surplus production, overcoded visual compressions repressed by a world it renders palpable.

GENESIS: REMEMBRANCE enters the terminal space in a hallucinatory sequence with the aim of narrativizing this drive towards overcoding, simulated as a kind of divine self-negation, achieved through the exhaustion of the infinite. Footage taken during the installation process is cross-referenced with events in the producers’ memories and phone archives, cut up with parallel narratives from popular culture and found media.

3. Mutants of Readiness : Director’s Cut

Kostis Stafylakis & Theo Triantafyllidis ft. Joshua Citarella
Live Stream Excerpts (Original Performance date: 20 December 2020)
Duration: 20 minutes
Year: 2021

MUTANTS OF READINESS is a new chapter in the Readiness SAGA, a serialized simulation of social conflict in the US. Kostis Stafylakis and Theo Triantafyllidis, alongside a shifting synthesis of collaborators, tailor real and fictional, often scary and fringe, collective identities to a clandestine world permeated by fantasy aesthetics and hopepunk trash. Readiness foreplays the pending scenarios of an upcoming American Civil War. It playfully enacts the conflict between groups such as the “Preppers” (the cult of doomsday enthusiasts who marshal for the “end of the world as we know it”), the “Boogaloo Bois” (Civil War accelerationists, flexing tactical gear and Hawaiian shirts), and the “Golden Horde” (the alleged criminal horde of the unprepared citizens featured in preppers’ jargon and literature). The Readiness SAGA was initiated by Kostis Stafylakis, Theo Triantafyllidis, and Alexis Fidetzis in the framework of ENTER by Onassis Foundation (2020)

In MUTANTS OF READINESS, two preppers, PIGGO and GUSTAVE, have found shelter in an egg-shaped homestead, stored at a deserted corporate building. The bootleg microchips on their foreheads happen to be gateways for an Artificial Intelligence that has overpowered them and enrolled their mutation. They’re taken over by PASCALE, an unbound singularity that announces random ascertainments. PIGGO looks like a human pig on steroids, and GUSTAVE resembles a seductive feline. Guided by PASCALE, the mutants equip the Egg, employ security policies, and train to recognize their foes. They receive a transmission by a JAUSH (impersonated by American artist and author Joshua Citarella) who trains them in warfare and evaluates their level of security and preparedness.

Artist Infos:

Underground Flower is a global curatorial collective creating networked rituals for a damaged world.

Solo Show is a constantly-evolving interface for independent projects from the interzones of irl + url..

Rhizome Parking Garage operates as a decentralized guerilla exhibition site that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, offering a possible source of disruption, an avenue of re-organizational practises.

KOTZ is a spiritual love terror group from Leipzig.